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Spoken Soul Festival


Learn more about Deborah's award winning Spoken Soul Festival, a 3 day festival that supports women artists, in celebration of the international holiday SWAN Day.


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Deborah was born into a very talented musical family. As the sister of Latin Grammy winner Nestor Torres and grandniece of legendary Puerto Rican singer Ruth Fernandez, it was in her blood to entertain friends and family from an early age with her spontaneous comedic sketches and dance numbers.

Born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York, and seasoned in Miami, Deborah quickly accumulated TV and film credits, including Sesame Street (CTW), The Apollo Comedy Hour (Tribune Entertainment), The Newz (Columbia-Tri-Star), Safe Harbor (Warner Brothers), Striptease (Castle Rock), Holyman (Caravan), and For Love or Country (HBO).

“She carries with her a warm heart and refreshing vitality that is always a pleasure to be associated with…” Andy Garcia on working with Deborah